Upcoming Blue Era Workshop

The BLUE-ERA project proudly announces a series of one-day workshops dedicated to harnessing the blue economy for sustainable development and innovation across the Mediterranean region.
These workshops, scheduled in Jordan, Tunisia, and Egypt, aim to serve as a pivotal platform for dialogue, education, and collaboration among stakeholders in the blue economy sector. By bringing together industry professionals, academics, students, and policymakers, we aim to spark passion and interest in the vast potential of the blue economy to drive economic growth, environmental sustainability, and job creation.

The workshops are designed to:

  • Highlight the Importance of the Blue Economy:

Explore the key role of the blue economy in promoting sustainable development, conserving marine resources, and enhancing livelihoods in coastal communities.

  • Foster Innovation and Collaboration:

Encourage the exchange of ideas and best practices among participants, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes innovation and sustainable practices.

  • Bridge Local and Global Perspectives:

Connect local experiences and challenges with global trends and opportunities in the blue economy, facilitated by the involvement of European partners attending remotely.

  • Encourage Active Participation:

Motivate companies and individuals to engage with the BLUE-ERA project’s initiatives, contributing to a vibrant and sustainable blue economy

Workshops dates:

Unlocking the Potential of the Blue Economy: Regional Workshops for Sustainable Development and Innovation

  • April 17th 2024 – Tunisia
  • April 24th 2024 – Jordania
  • April 30th 2024 – Egypt
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